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What are symptoms of heartworms in cats

All cats with heartworm symptoms should be treated immediately. Not all cats will show symptoms, but if they do they indicate they may already be infected. Symptoms often develop in cats that have been infected for several weeks or months. Early in the disease, most cats experience no symptoms. As heartworm disease progresses, cats may develop a fever, loss of appetite, anemia, coughing, difficulty breathing, lethargy, weakness, or vomiting. If no treatment is received, the cat will most likely die from the disease.

What is the treatment for heartworms?

The most effective treatment for heartworm disease is the live oral microfilaria (LOM) vaccine, available from your veterinarian. It works by generating an immune response in the body. A second line of defense is the ivermectin treatment, which is also quite effective.

Is a heartworm test required to protect my cat?

In the case of a positive test, your veterinarian will recommend and administer the LOM vaccine to your cat. This will prevent heartworm infection in your cat and other cats in your household.

Can my cat's heartworm disease be prevented?

Yes, it can. The best prevention of heartworm disease is to prevent the initial infection. This is done by having your cat visit your veterinarian every year for a heartworm disease check.

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