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What is a cat's intelligence level

Cats are quite intelligent, but they do not have the same level of self-awareness as dogs do. They are self-aware, but they do not understand they are animals. They are just really good at predicting the movements of their people.

Are cats social?

Cats are social animals that make their own decisions that is why they are not very social. They do not take well to being picked up and petted, but they do love to play and get their daily exercise.

Can cats climb trees?

Yes, cats can climb trees. But they are not very good at it.

Can cats jump?

Cats cannot jump. They are pretty good at hiding from predators and the like, but they cannot jump.

Can cats climb ladders?

Cats do not climb ladders.

Can cats run?

Cats can run, but they are not very fast.

Can cats swim?

Cats can swim, but they are not good swimmers.

Can cats stay in water for a long time?

Cats can stay in water for about three hours, so yes, they can.

Can cats sleep in water?

Yes, cats can sleep in water.

Can cats ride on a boat or ship?

Yes, cats can ride on a boat or ship, but they cannot swim.

Can cats go on a plane?

Yes, cats can go on a plane.

Can cats ride a motorcycle?

Cats can ride a motorcycle, but they will not be comfortable. They are not very good at it.

Can cats ride a bicycle?

Yes, cats can ride a bicycle, but they are not very good at it.

Can cats walk on water?

Cats can walk on water, but they are not very good swimmers.

Are cats good swimmers?

Cats are not good swimmers.

Are cats good climbers?

Cats are not good climbers.

Cats can climb trees.

Are cats good at hiding?

Cats are not very good at hiding.

Cats can climb ladders.

Can cats climb fences?

Cats can climb fences.

Can cats go in the water?

Cats can go in the water, but they will not be very good at it.

Cats are not good at hiding.

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