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What is minnie mouse's cat's name

Minnie's cat is named "Sylvester".

How old is minnie mouse?

Minnie Mouse is a little girl, who is about 9 years old.

What is minnie mouse's favorite color?

Minnie's favorite color is teal.

What is minnie mouse's favorite subject?

Minnie's favorite subject is science.

What is minnie mouse's favorite sport?

Minnie's favorite sport is soccer.

What is minnie mouse's favorite food?

Minnie's favorite food is ice cream.

What is minnie mouse's favorite game?

Minnie's favorite game is soccer.

Can minnie mouse speak english?

Minnie can speak english.

What does minnie mouse like to do?

Minnie likes to do anything with her friends.

What is minnie mouse's favorite toy?

Minnie's favorite toy is her camera.

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