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What are some cool female cat names

Choose from our list of the best cat names for girls, kittens and kittens. Our list of one hundred cat names includes the most popular and unique names for your female kitty.

We have compiled a list of the best unusual and unique names for females. Many of the names on this list of cute cat names are gender neutral, so they will suit a girl or a boy kitty alike.

*Note: Female cats have a lower survival rate than male cats. Keeping a cat indoors and spaying or neutering your cat early in life can improve the chances of survival.

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Some cats wink at their owners out of adoration with one or both eyes, depending on the situation and the particular cat’s personality. Pet owners whose cats are typically aloof or indifferent likely will not do any winking at their family members. But cats that tend to stick to the sides of their human companions and show other signs of affection, such as rubbing and talking, are likely to find the time to wink at the ones they care about most, but if you are not paying attention, you might miss it. Read more

So what is it about catnip that’s so attractive to cats? Catnip (Nepeta cataria), a native of Europe and Asia, is a member of the mint family and a relative of such aromatic herbs as peppermint, basil, rosemary, sage, and lavender. Its active ingredient—the stuff that makes your cat go nuts—is nepetalactone, a volatile oil found in the plant’s stems and leaves. Read more

Will we ever cure Alzheimer’s? Learn more at New Scientist Live in London. But Melissa Edler, now at Northeast Ohio Medical University, and her colleagues have had the rare chance to study 20 brains from older chimpanzees, aged between 37 and 62. The team examined four areas of the chimps’ neocortex and Read more

Why DO cats purr? It’s a unique sound, almost mystical sound. None of our other pets make a noise quite like it. For most of us, purring and happy cats go hand in hand. But what does purring mean, why do cats do it, and how? We tend to accept that our cat’s purr is a sign of happiness, or contentment and affection. Read more

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