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What are the best lap cats

This is a tough one to answer because there are so many different cats that we can consider. But, here’s the thing — there is no one “best” cat. They all have their own personalities, habits, and preferences.

However, there are a few cats that can sit perfectly on your lap and be content for up to an hour or two at a time.

Here are a few top picks for lap cats:

Sugar (Gingerbread)

Sugar is a little cat that loves to be petted. She’s a really good lap cat, and we’ve even had her sitting on our laps for several hours at a time. She has a very distinct personality, but is a very calm cat.

She gets along great with other cats and dogs, and is pretty much the perfect lap cat.

Piggie (Caramel)

Piggie is a little black cat who loves to curl up on your lap. She also enjoys being petted and loves to be praised.

She is a bit of a snuggle bug, and will lie on your lap for hours and hours as long as you keep giving her love and attention.

Tigger (Chocolate Chip)

Tigger is a little black cat who loves to be admired. He is sometimes not the most vocal, but he enjoys being petted, and he snuggles up to you.

He does squirm around a bit, but he’s not a terrible lap cat. He’s also a bit of a lap hog, which is always a bonus!

Mr. Grumpy (Sandy)

Mr. Grumpy is a black cat with a very distinct personality. He’s generally pretty grumpy, but he’s a good lap cat. He is a little bit of a squirmer, but he’s a good cat who is always a good time.

He’s a bit of a grump, but who doesn’t love a grumpy cat?

Mr. Purrfect (Brownie)

Mr. Purrfect is a black cat with a very distinct personality. He’s generally very happy and calm, but he’s a really good lap cat.

He’s a bit of a squirmer, but he’s a good cat who is always a good time. He’s a good friend to have on your lap.

Mr. Purrfect was named “Mr. Purrfect” because he is a good all around cat — he sits on your lap, he sits in your lap, he sits in your lap while you’re sitting in your chair, he sits in your lap while you’re in your bed.

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