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What is the biggest wild cat

A: The full answer to this question is best left as an exercise for the reader. However, it can be said that the biggest wild cat is the lion, which measures in at up to 10 feet in length and is the largest of all wild cats. The tiger can rival the lion in size and is approximately twice the size of a lion. The jaguar is the smallest of the three and is only a third the size of a lion.

Q: What are lions called?

A: Lions are known as leo, or "king of the jungle."

Q: What is a lion's diet?

A: Lions are active hunters who take down their prey by leaping onto their victim from a distance. They are very stealthy, stalking their prey before pouncing. The lion's diet consists of small antelopes and other prey animals.

Q: Why do lions roar?

A: Lions roar to communicate with other lions, to announce their territory, to challenge other males and to communicate with other species.

Q: How do lions communicate?

A: Lions communicate by roaring, growling and body language.

Q: What happens if I see a lion?

A: You should always report the sighting of a lion to the appropriate authorities, whether it is a resident of the United States or a visitor from abroad.

Q: What is a lion's habitat?

A: Lions live in savannas and woodlands and are found throughout Africa and in the Middle East.

Q: Where do lions live?

A: Lions live in Africa, except for two subspecies, the North African lion and the South African lion, which live in South Africa.

Q: How many subspecies of lions are there?

A: There are nine subspecies of lions, including the African lion, the Arabian lion and the Asiatic lion.

Q: How do lions hunt?

A: Lions hunt by stalking their prey and then leaping upon their prey from a distance.

Q: How do lions kill their prey?

A: Lions kill their prey by leaping upon them from a distance. They also have been known to attack their prey with their front paws, which they can use as a third leg, as well as their mouth.

Q: How many lions are in a pride?

A: There is no exact number of lions that make up a pride, but the average is at least 12.

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