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What are the cats names from the aristocats

The Cats Names from the Aristocats:

Bambi: The White Cat

Prince Phillip: The Black Cat

Papa: The Grey Cat

Lady: The Tiger Cat

Courage: The White Cat

Olympia: The Black Cat

Aristocats: The Dogs Names from the Aristocats:

Pongo: The White Dog

Perdita: The Black Dog

Tigger: The Grey Dog

Baloo: The Brown Dog

Bouncer: The Black Dog

Winnie: The White Dog

Bailey: The Yellow Dog

Buster: The Black Dog

Saxon: The White Dog

Cody: The Black Dog

Mr. Ed: The Horse Names from the Aristocats:

Max: The Black Horse

Jock: The Grey Horse

Lady: The Sorrel Horse

Molly: The Black Horse

Belle: The White Horse

Sorrel: The Brown Horse

Tiger: The Brown Horse

Rusty: The Black Horse

Curly: The White Horse

Fritz: The Grey Horse

Wilbur: The White Horse

Daphne: The Black Horse

Pipsqueak: The White Horse

Aristocats 2:

Daisy: The White Tiger Cat

Pom: The Tiger Cat

Coco: The White Cat

Minnie: The Black Cat

Cleo: The Tiger Cat

Cyrano: The Brown Tiger Cat

Mickey: The Black Cat

Bianca: The Black Cat

Madeline: The White Cat

Dutchess: The Black Cat

Prince Naveen: The Brown Tiger Cat

Bruno: The Grey Tiger Cat

Aristocats 3:

Georgia: The White Tiger Cat


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