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What are the different breeds of cats

First, there are the breeds of cats that are listed in the Cat Fancy, which is the largest and most well-known breed registry in the world. They are:

The Abyssinian, the sole recognized breed of cats in North America

The American Shorthair, the most popular breed of cat

The Maine Coon, the largest of the domestic longhairs

The British Shorthair, an old breed

The Persian, a longhair from Persia

The Siamese, the most popular of the domestic shorthairs

The Turkish Van

The Norwegian Forest Cat, an ancient breed

The Balinese, a longhair from Bali, Indonesia

the Manx, a longhair from the Isle of Man, UK

The Russian Blue, a longhair from Russia

The Turkish Angora, one of the oldest breeds

The Somali, another ancient breed

The Chartreux, a longhair from France

The Sphynx, a longhair from Egypt

The Russian Blue, an old breed

Many of these breeds are ancient. The Abyssinian, the first breed listed, originated in the 15th century. The Siamese are believed to have originated in Thailand in the 13th century.

The International Cat Association (TICA) and the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) are other breed registries. TICA recognizes only the following breeds:

The Abyssinian

The American Shorthair

The Burmilla

The Chartreux

The Cornish Rex

The Devon Rex

The Egyptian Mau

The Manx

The Balinese

The Sphynx

The Russian Blue

The Siberian

The Somali

The Turkish Angora

TICA allows for the showing of the Manx and the Turkish Angora. The Turkish Angora is the only longhair recognized by CFA.

The CFA recognizes the following breeds:

CFA allows for the showing of the Manx, the Turkish Angora, and the Turkish Van.

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