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What are the development cards in catan

A. Almost everything that is built on catan itself.

Q.What is the meaning of the term "development cards" in catan?

A.It means cards that change the rules of the game in some way.

Q.How many development cards are there in catan?

A.Two, or one if you're playing with the "Standard" rules.

Q.What is the first development card?

A.The Monopoly card.

Q.What are the other 2 development cards?

A.City, then Railroad.

Q.When did the first development card come out?

A.In 1982.

Q.What is the first development card called?

Q.What is the second development card?

A.The City card.

Q.What is the 3rd development card?

A.The Railroad card.

Q.What is the 4th development card?

A.The Cornfield card.

Q.What is the 5th development card?

A.The Coal card.

Q.What is the 6th development card?

A.The Catan card.

Q.When is the next development card coming out?

A.Probably at the end of January. This time, we have no idea what it will be.

Q.What is the next development card?


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