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What are the different types of persian cats

Persian cats come in two different types of coat colour:

The first type is a solid colour, simply called a solid colour persian cat. These are the most popular type of persian because they are the most versatile: hairless or with the most beautiful coat colours. The second type is known as a “mosaic” and is a mixture of different colours. These hairless cats are also very beautiful with a variety of different colours.

Why are Persians so popular?

Persians are very popular because of their beautiful coat colours and their personality.

Persians are very intelligent cats, so it is best to keep them in a home with children. The reason is that they have a low tolerance for loud noises, and they can be easily startled and frightened if they hear a loud noise.

They are also very friendly with other animals, and they are very easy to train.

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What is the difference between the different types of Persians?

There are two main types of persian cats: the first is a solid coloured persian cat. The second is a solid coated persian cat, which is a hairless cat.

Cats with a non-white coat are known as “Tabbies”.

The Hairless Persians

The hairless persians are one of the most popular types of persian. Their coat colour is usually a mixture of different colours and the hairless cat is the most beautiful type of persian.

The Hairless Persians are very easy to care for

Hairless cats can be trained from a very young age, and you can start training them when they are newborns.

They are also very easy to groom, and you only need to clean their hair once to a few times a week.

Hairless Persians are also very easy to take care of, and they are very low maintenance.

They do not shed, so they do not require any extra grooming.

Hairless cats are also very easy to train, and they can be taught to do almost anything.

Their personality is very loving and friendly, and they are very affectionate.

Hairless cats can be trained to accept strangers easily, and they are very social.

Hairless cats are very sensitive, so they are not recommended for first time owners.

They are also not suitable for older and more mature cats, because the risk of them being extremely aggressive towards other cats is increased.

The hairless cats are not recommended for families with small children.

They are also not recommended for families with dogs or other animals.

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