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What are the signs of alzheimer's in cats

Cats are particularly vulnerable to developing this disease, but anyone can get it. Symptoms include:

Memory loss

Not responding to your calls

Learning new things slowly

Inability to recognize familiar people and places

Loss of interest in favorite activities

Loss of appetite

Where is alzheimer's in cats?

Alzheimer's is only found in humans, but it can be passed on to cats. The virus is carried by fleas and can be found in the saliva of infected cats. The virus is passed to their kittens, which is why it is important to keep your cat indoors. It is also why it is important to ensure that your cat is vaccinated against fleas.

How many cats are affected by alzheimer's?

The disease affects more than thirty percent of cats. As the disease progresses, cats can become aggressive and lose their ability to communicate. If they develop this stage of the disease, they can be euthanized to prevent them from harming other cats.

How to prevent alzheimer's in cats

Preventing alzheimer's in cats is easy. The best thing you can do is keep your cat inside at all times. Make sure you have a vaccination for fleas, and make sure you vaccinate against it for your dog. Your cat will become less likely to contract the disease by keeping it indoors.

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