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What are the signs of antifreeze poisoning in cats

You will notice the following signs:

• Incoordination

• Lethargy

• Vomiting

• Diarrhea

• Dark urine

• Increased fluid intake

• Weight loss

• Flu-like symptoms

• High fever

• Hostility

• Seizures

• Death

If you notice any of these signs in your cat, it is important to seek medical attention immediately.

What is the treatment for antifreeze poisoning in cats?

The treatment for antifreeze poisoning in cats is supportive and aimed at preventing the resolution of the problem. You should observe your cat for any signs of recovery. If you notice any improvement, then there is no need to seek further treatment.

If your cat does not show any signs of recovery after 2 days, then it is necessary to seek medical advice. There may be a need for a blood test to determine the exact cause of the poisoning, as well as a drug to treat it.

What are the side effects from antifreeze poisoning in cats?

The side effects from antifreeze poisoning in cats include:

• Excessive thirst

How can you prevent antifreeze poisoning in cats?

• Keep your cat indoors in a secure place.

• Keep your cat's water bowl clean and disinfected.

• Keep your cat's food bowl clean and disinfected.

• Keep your cat's food and water bowls up off the floor, where they can't get knocked over.

• Keep your cat indoors when the temperature is below freezing. Feline hypothermia can be fatal.

• Don't allow your cat to roam free in the garden.

• Make sure that the area around your cat's drinking water is kept clean and clear of any debris.

• Don't give your cat any medication without consulting your veterinarian.

• Keep your cat indoors if you are having a severe winter.

• If you notice any signs of illness or change in your cat's behavior, it is important to seek medical attention.

• Don't allow your cat to drink from a hose, pool, or garden hose.

• Don't allow your cat to drink from a faucet.

• Keep your cat's feed and water bowls clean and disinfected.

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