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What are the signs of antifreeze poisoning in cats

Symptoms of antifreeze poisoning in cats include:



Dilated pupils





Abdominal pain

Circulatory system disorders

Signs of kidney failure

When should I call the veterinarian?

Call your veterinarian if you suspect antifreeze poisoning in your cat.

How do I treat my cat's antifreeze poisoning?

Your veterinarian will likely advise you to administer the necessary medicine immediately. Call your veterinarian or the poison control center if your cat's condition worsens or if you notice that your cat is coughing up blood.

How can I prevent antifreeze poisoning in cats?

Antifreeze is not recommended for use in vehicles, and should be avoided in the home. If you must use antifreeze in your vehicle, make sure that you know where the antifreeze is located (for example, under the hood or behind the engine) and how to use it before you allow your cat to use the vehicle.

Remember to always follow the manufacturer's instructions.

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