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What are the symptoms of antifreeze poisoning in cats

Symptoms of antifreeze poisoning in cats include:





lack of coordination, and

irregular heartbeat.

How is antifreeze poisoning in cats diagnosed?

Your vet will give the anti-freeze test to see if your cat has antifreeze poisoning.

This test is fast, easy and cheap. The vet will add a small amount of antifreeze to a small amount of blood. If your cat has antifreeze poisoning, you will notice that the blood test turns a reddish colour.

What is the treatment for antifreeze poisoning in cats?

The treatment for antifreeze poisoning in cats is to remove the antifreeze from their system. This needs to be done quickly as it can cause organ damage.

The vet will use a drip to remove the antifreeze. If the antifreeze is in the cat’s eye, the vet might use a special eye drop to get rid of it.

The vet may also give your cat an antidote to help with the symptoms.

How can I prevent my cat from getting antifreeze poisoning?

The best way to prevent your cat from getting antifreeze poisoning is to ensure that you have an antifreeze-free water supply.

If your cat gets antifreeze poisoning, it is important that you take your cat to the vet straight away.

Can antifreeze poisoning in cats affect other pets in my home?

If you have an antifreeze-free water supply, it is unlikely that antifreeze poisoning in cats will affect other pets in your home.

However, if you suspect your cat has antifreeze poisoning, you should still take your cat to the vet straight away.

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