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What are the signs of heart failure in a cat

Symptoms of heart failure are similar to those in humans.

Common signs of heart failure include:

Weakness and fatigue


Loss of appetite

Increased urination

Loss of coordination

Change in personality (may be anxious, depressed or withdrawn)

Call your veterinarian if you notice any of these signs in your cat.

What is the treatment for heart failure in cats?

Treatment for heart failure in cats is similar to that of humans. If the cat is young or has no other health problems, high doses of diuretics like furosemide (Lasix) can be used to reduce fluid retention and help improve symptoms.

If the cat is elderly, heart failure may be treated with digoxin to help regulate the heart rate and improve heart performance. It also can be used if the cat is a large breed or is a male cat.

In some cases, a heart transplant can be considered to replace the heart.

Can heart failure be prevented in cats?

Although heart failure has been a problem with cats for centuries, humans can help prevent it.

Cats that are more active, who eat a good diet, drink plenty of water and get regular veterinary care can live a healthy life.

Can I prevent heart failure in my cat?

An active cat who eats a good diet and gets regular veterinary care can live a long, healthy life.

What is the prognosis (outlook) for a cat with heart failure?

The outlook for a cat with heart failure depends on the cause of the heart failure.

If the cause is identified and treated, there is a good chance the cat will regain health.

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