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What are the signs that your cat is in labor

Is your cat in front of another cat or dog? Is your cat weaving in and out of your legs, pacing back and forth, or rubbing against you?

Are you noticing that your cat’s abdomen is often more swollen than usual?

Is your cat’s abdomen very round?

Is your cat not eating or eating very little?

Is your cat staying off of your couch, bed, or other favorite cat spots?

Is your cat scratching at her abdomen or tail?

Is your cat making little mewing sounds?

Is your cat urinating less often than usual?

Is your cat not using the litter box?

Is your cat having trouble walking or moving around?

Is your cat panting or showing signs of distress?

Is your cat pushing?

Is your cat behaving as if she is in labor?

Your cat may be in labor. When your cat is pregnant, she is not able to produce as much amniotic fluid as she should. This can lead to a condition called “mucous plugging.” Mucous plugging occurs when the amniotic sac gets blocked, causing the baby to get stuck or “stuck.” Sometimes, a cat can go into labor and not show any signs of distress. After the pregnant cat gives birth, the mucous plug will be expelled and your cat will feel better.

Is your cat having a litter?

During pregnancy, a cat’s birth canal will shrink. This can cause a litter to be difficult to remove.

What should I do if I think my cat is in labor?

If you believe your cat is in labor, call your veterinarian or the emergency veterinary clinic. Your cat will likely need to be seen.

Can a cat have a vaginal delivery?

A cat that has a vaginal delivery will give birth to her baby in her vagina. After the delivery, the cat will not be able to take care of the newborn kitten. The veterinarian will perform a cesarean section on the cat.

Can a cat have a cesarean section?

Cats can have a cesarean section, where a veterinarian makes an incision in the abdomen and delivers the baby. A cesarean section is more common in dogs, but it is possible for a cat to have a cesarean section. A cesarean section can be performed if the cat is having trouble giving birth or the baby is in danger.

How can I tell if a cat is having a cesarean section?

After the veterinarian makes a cut in your cat’s abdomen, you may notice an unpleasant odor. The veterinarian will examine the cat and check the baby to make sure that the baby is okay.

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