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What are the slits in cats ears for

The flaps in a cat's ear are called auditory tubes. Cats also have a special sensory organ (the fovea) in their eyes that detects motion. Motion is detected by the hair cells (cilia) on the cilia of the sensory cells. It's possible that motion of the auditory tubes causes the hair cells to vibrate, causing the cat to hear.

Why are cats' eyes bigger than their brains?

Cats have a greater visual acuity than humans because of their low visual contrast needs. The fovea of the cat's retina is larger than humans, so the cat's visual acuity is high despite a megawatt of brainpower. In fact, the cat's visual acuity is approximately the same as that of a hawk.

Why do cats blink with their eyes?

Cats blink because they have eyelid muscles. The muscles are connected to the eyeball as well as to the eyelids. When the cat blinks, the muscles pull the eyelids up, so the eyeball is exposed to the air.

Why do cats have a flexible neck?

A cat's neck is only flexible when the cat is upside down. When the cat is upright, the cervical vertebrae are locked in place so that the cat cannot turn its head.

What is a cat's sense of smell?

Cats have excellent senses of smell. If a cat approaches a person, the cat can detect the person's scent within several feet.

How long does a cat's tail wag for?

It may seem that cats wag their tails for a long time, but it is actually relatively short. A cat's tail wags for 15 to 45 seconds.

Why do cats have a short snout?

Cats have a short snout because they are prey animals. The short snout is for digging in the sand and for reaching prey in the grass. A cat's nose is also very sensitive, especially in the area of its whiskers. The whiskers are full of nerve endings, and when a cat's whiskers are stroked, they elongate and the cat squeals.

Why do cats drink so much?

Cats drink a lot because they are desert animals. Desert animals sweat more than other animals, and the moisture evaporates from the cat's coat.

Why do cats lick their fur?

Cats lick their fur to keep it clean. Their tongues are covered with a special type of hair, and when they lick their fur, the tongue brushes the hair. This keeps the fur clean.

How long does it take a cat to wake up in the morning?

Cats sleep for about 12 hours a day.

How long does a cat sleep?

Most cats sleep from 12 to 16 hours a day.

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