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Van cats are cats that are kept in the back of a van. They’re often known as cat buses, cat-mobiles, or cat-vans. They’re a modern way to keep a cat indoors, and they’re becoming increasingly popular.

Many people who have a van will keep a cat as a secondary pet, or use their van and van cat as a mobile home.

Why keep a van cat?

One reason to keep a van cat is that they’re easy to care for! Van cats typically get fed and watered like any other cat. And they’re easy to go outdoors at their owners’ convenience.

They also make for a good traveling companion! Van cats are often quite used to traveling, so they’re great for car rides, or as your travel buddy.

Another reason to keep a van cat is that they’re easy to come by! Many people will always have a van of some kind (especially if you’re a truck driver), and you can quickly and easily get a van cat!

What’s the downside?

One downside to keeping a van cat is that it can be a bit expensive. Especially if you’re wanting to keep a cat in your van full time.

The other downside is that van cats can get lonely. Like any other cat, van cats can become lonely if they’re not around their owners. Some van cats are great with other pets, but other van cats won’t get along with other pets.

How do I find a van cat?

You can find a van cat just like you would find any other cat! There are kennels and places that will house and care for them. You can also check Craigslist, Facebook, or ask around in your town to see if anyone is looking for a van cat.

You can also check This site will help you find cat shelters in your area. You can also find cat adoption centers or rescue organizations on there.

Will a van cat get along with my other pets?

Most van cats will get along with other pets. They’re social, and they have a tendency to love other animals. This makes them a great fit as a traveling companion.

But if you have other pets that are very aggressive, you may want to keep a van cat in a separate room.

What is the best place to keep a van cat?

There are many places to keep a van cat. You can house the cat in your van, in a trailer, or even house the cat in a small house (like a small camper).

You can even put the cat in a small dog crate. This is a great way to house your van cat, and keep them safe and secure.

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