All about cats

What big cat are you quiz

2. Which of these scientists won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2005?

3. What color is the sky at the end of a rainbow?

4. The first U.S. President to be born in the 20th century was:

a. James Madison

b. Woodrow Wilson

c. Franklin Delano Roosevelt

d. Harry S Truman

e. Calvin Coolidge

5. Which of these is NOT a type of fungus?

a. Aspergillus

b. Trichoderma

c. Penicillium

d. Mycena

6. Which of these can you NOT find in a rain forest?

a. Lizards

b. Snakes

c. Frogs

d. Orangutans

7. Which of these animals is NOT an amphibian?

a. Sea otter

b. Sloth

c. Armadillo

d. Opossum

e. Porcupine

8. Which of these is a type of fish?

a. Dolphin

b. Shark

c. Swordfish

d. Sardine

e. Pike

9. Which of these is NOT a type of wood?

a. Cedar

b. Oak

c. Fir

d. Pine

e. Cedar

10. Which of these is NOT a type of tree?

a. Acacia

b. Larch

c. Poplar

d. Ebony

e. Cypress

11. Which of these is NOT a type of bug?

a. Locust

b. Soldier

c. Mosquito

d. Flea

e. Ant

12. Which of these is NOT a type of bird?

a. Owl

b. Raven

c. Robin

d. Vulture

e. Gull

13. Which of these is not a type of animal?

a. Bat

b. Frog

c. Scorpion

d. Snake

e. Spider

14. Which of these is NOT a type of flower?

a. Rose

b. Hibiscus

c. Sunflower

d. Gerbera

e. Primrose

15. Which of these is NOT a type of tree?

16. Which of these is NOT a type of insect?

a. Mosquito


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