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What age cat should i get

A cat can be an excellent companion for your family, whether you have children or not. Cats get along well with other animals, and can be trained to be quiet and to sit on command. As a welcome addition to the family, cats can be a great way to teach your children responsibility and responsibility. You can choose a kitten or a cat that is mature enough to be a companion animal. It is important to verify that your cat will be able to adjust to the family's home and lifestyle.

Caring for a Cat

Caring for a cat is much like caring for a dog. Cats need to be groomed regularly, as they shed their dense undercoat. Cats have an extra coat of fur, so they need to be brushed frequently. Brush your cat at least once a week, even if it does not look dirty.

Cats need to be bathed at least once a month. Bathing a cat is not difficult, but it can be time consuming. You will need a tub, shampoo, a towel, a bath brush, and a comb. You can bathe your cat in the sink or in the bathtub.

Cats need to be fed at least once a day. Cats are different from dogs in that they are not fast eaters. They need to be fed every couple of hours, or at least every three hours. You will find cat food in your local pet store.

Cats can be litter trained, which means that they know to use the litter box. Cats can be litter trained at a very early age, as long as you are consistent.

Cats need to be given a monthly heartworm pill. If your cat's heartworm treatment fails, your cat may die.

Cats can have fleas and ticks. Have your cat examined by your vet so that it can be treated for fleas and ticks.

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