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What animals do house cats eat

Cats are carnivores, eating primarily meat. Although house cats will eat a wide variety of animal food, the types of food that they eat depends largely on their age and social status.

Cats are meat eaters, and prefer to eat meat over other types of food. Cats like fish, and many cats eat fish as a regular part of their diet. However, fish can be more expensive than most meats, so it is best to feed cats that are not too picky about their food as fish as well.

Cats also eat a great deal of plants, including meats and meats. For example, many cats will eat horse meat, and some cats may even eat beef.

However, the cat’s diet is not limited to meat, and they will eat plants, too. Some cats will eat fruits, while others will eat vegetables.

How big do house cats get?

Cats are smaller than many other species of animal, including dogs and most small cats. The size of a cat depends on the individual cat, but they are generally smaller than dogs and other carnivores.

The size of a house cat depends on the individual cat’s size, but generally the largest cat is about the size of a small dog. The smallest and most common cat is the domestic shorthair cat. These cats are about the size of a domestic cat, and weigh about 10 pounds.

What do house cats eat?

Cats are carnivores, and live primarily off of meat. Food that a cat eats is based on the cat’s age. Younger cats will eat baby food, and older cats will eat adult food.

A cat’s diet is mostly meat, but other types of food are eaten from time to time. Fish, nuts, and vegetables are some types of food that cats will eat.

Generally, cats will eat what they’re used to. For example, cats that have been fed a diet of fish will continue to eat fish. If this is the cat’s regular diet, the cat will continue to eat fish.

Can cats eat fish?

Cats, like many other animals, can eat both meat and the meat of other animals. However, there are some species of fish that cats cannot eat.

Fish that are poisonous to cats, such as anchovies and shark, are not eaten by cats. Cats also cannot eat fish that they are not used to eating. This may be caused by the smell of the food or the taste of the food.

Cats that have never eaten fish will not eat fish when they are given the opportunity. This is because the cat does not recognize the fish.

Most cats that have been fed fish will accept the fish. This is because the cat has become used to eating fish, and the fish is familiar to the cat.

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