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What can baby cats eat

The main thing to remember is that you shouldn't give your cat any treats or biscuits, because these can upset the baby's stomach and cause a lot of problems.

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However, you can give your cat some of the following foods.

Foods that are best for a cat

Fruit & Veg

Fruit and veg are a good source of fibre and vitamins.

They can help to keep the baby's weight down and also provide energy for the mother cat. Here are some examples of fruit and veg that are good for cats.







Grapes and strawberries

Grapes and strawberries are very good for cats, as they are low in sugar and high in fibre.

Mixed berries



Strawberries or bananas

They are high in fat and sugar.

Animal protein

Animal protein is best for cats because they need to eat more of this food than they would like.

Here are some examples of animal protein that is good for cats.








Fish is a good source of protein and can help to keep your cat's weight down, especially if you give them a fish-oil supplement.

A cat's diet is important for the health of the mother cat, and also to ensure the health of the kittens.

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Diet and nutrition

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Cat foods can also be recalled by the manufacturer if they suspect something is wrong. Sometimes, this can indicate a less serious issue, such as incorrect labeling on the packaging. Other times, manufacturers will recall a cat food themselves in advance of an FDA recall being issued, to try and minimize the damage to their brand. Either way, having a cat food recalled is not something that any brand would want. It can damage their reputation with customers and of course, have serious implications for whether their brand will continue to be purchased. How do I know if my cat food... Read more

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If you’re staying somewhere with boat neighbours then it might be a good idea to ask that they discourage your cat from climbing aboard their boat. Not feeding them will take away any incentive. Some boat owners spray roaming cats to keep them away, but a loud shout will usually do the job! Read more

There are kitten formulas, cat formulas, health formulas, formulas for reducing a cat's weight, and many others. It seems obvious that the food should be mostly meat, as that is most of a cat's natural diet. But remember, when they catch mice, they also eat the bones. So there is need for formulas to have more... Read more

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