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What cat foods have been recalled

You can check the recall status of cat food by clicking the link below. The recall status will indicate if the cat food recalled was distributed to any retailers, restaurants, or consumers. You can also contact the company directly to report any product concerns.

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How can I use this data to help my pet?

The data provides a snapshot of the overall health of the pet food market, but it is not all-inclusive of every product. It also does not include all recalled products, including product lines that have been discontinued.

The data is a great reference but it is not a substitute for professional pet nutrition advice.

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The plant contains Lycorine, which neither cats or dogs can tolerate. The symptoms of Lycorine poisoning aren’t as severe as philodendron poisoning but it will still cause illness in pets. Sickness, diarrhea, a loss of appetite and lethargy can be indications of a dog or cat having eaten part of an Amaryllis plant. Read more

If you are using human food as a treat for your cat, make sure to only give your cat about 20 calories a day, so they won’t start to gain excess weight. We hope this guide helps you understand which human foods can be safe for your cat, and which definitely can’t! Read more

-most often seen in kittens or cats that have recently had an over-the-counter topical flea treatment -causes tremoring which may lead to an elevated temperature -treatment is supportive by bathing the animal to wash off the toxin, IV fluid support -methocarbamol to control tremoring -phenobarbital may be used in severe cases Read more

A cat can jump up to two meters. There’s a window one meter from the ground, but the cat can’t jump through. Read more

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