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What ingredients to avoid in cat food

There are certain ingredients you should avoid in cat food. These are:


Corn is a common ingredient in cat food. It is actually a grass, which is a grain. It is very hard to digest, which is why cats do not generally do well with it. It could potentially cause a blockage in your cat’s intestines and cause them to become constipated.

Shellfish and Fish

Cats can not digest shellfish and fish and can cause blockages in their intestines. They can also be very poisonous to your cat.


Wheat is another grain that is not recommended for cats. It can be hard to digest, which can cause bloating, diarrhea, and even damage to the intestines and stomach.


Soy is another ingredient that can cause problems for your cat, especially for senior cats. This is because soy is a common ingredient in cat food. It can lead to allergic reactions, which can be dangerous for your cat.

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