All about cats

What meat can cats eat

Cats can eat all meat products.

How much meat can cats eat?

Cats can eat as much meat as they want according to their own needs.

What is the best meat to feed cats?

The best meat to feed cats is the meat that they like.

Why do cats eat meat?

Cats eat meat to keep their body healthy.

Cats eat meat because it is good for their health.

Why does my cat need meat?

Prey is a very important part of a cat's diet.

Cats need meat because it is good for their health.

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Unfortunately, cats are still consumed as food in some parts of the world. The majority of the world loves cats and is appalled at the thought of eating one, but this is not the case everywhere. Cat meat is still consumed today in some regions of Africa and Asia, whether legally or not. Read more

Avoid if: – The name of food contains the statement “with” or “flavor” (ex: with beef or beef flavored) as this indicates a small percentage of real meat – The same ingredient is listed multiple times using different names (ex: high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, sugar, sucrose) – Fillers in foods and treats or too many fillers in cat food (may not be biologically... Read more

However, when cats are still kittens and under 12 weeks of age, their bodies do have the enzymes capable of breaking down these dairy products, as they mainly stay to their mothers’ milk anyway. This point in a cat’s life is where an exceedingly small amount of vanilla yogurt may prove helpful. Read more

What’s your favorite food? Answer: Well, I would say that I’m not a picky eater and I can eat like the whole universe. But if i have to choose, I would definitely go for Vietnamese traditional cuisine because although it does not win any points for complexity, it is all about the combination of fresh ingredients, intense flavours, and ease of cooking and preparation, so it wins my heart. Read more

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