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What to do if cat eats chocolate

I wanted to know if you could help me with this. My cat ate a chocolate bar that I had put in the kitchen cabinet. I have put it in the bin and he is still eating it. I have tried syringe full of water in his mouth but he still won’t stop.

I have read that I should put it in the freezer and then wait three days. I have also read that I should put it back in the bin and wait three days again.

I would really appreciate any advice. I am so worried that he will get sick.

Yours sincerely

Anxious cat owner


Thank you for sharing your concern with me.

You have already done the right thing by putting the chocolate bar in the bin.

I am sure that your cat has not eaten all of the chocolate bar. The fact that you are still feeding him chocolate would suggest that he hasn’t eaten the whole bar. If your cat has eaten the whole bar, then the next step would be to take him to a vet for a check-up and for the vet to give him a clean bill of health.

You can also try the following:

Put the chocolate bar in a sealed bag and put it in the freezer overnight.

Put the chocolate bar in a sealed bag and put it in the fridge overnight.

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