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What to feed cats when out of food

When you’re out of cat food, don't try to soothe your cat with treats or empty food bowls. If you find your cat hungry, rush him to the veterinarian.

If your cat is not eating, you can keep him alive for a few days by offering him small amounts of water, broth, and canned food. Dump a small amount of broth in the water dish and offer him a small amount of canned food.

If you can’t make it back to the veterinarian for a few days, try feeding him a little water, broth and canned food.

How to save a cat in a tree

Cats occasionally get stuck in trees, especially if they are chasing birds or mice. They seem to be able to climb well, and they love to explore the forest floor.

If your cat is stuck in a tree, follow these steps:

Do not try to climb the tree. Stand below the tree and spread a blanket on the ground. Call your cat’s name and talk to her until she comes down. If she doesn’t come down, leave and try again later. If your cat is still stuck, call your veterinarian.

How do you get an injured cat to the vet?

An injured cat can be very difficult to handle. Remember, your cat is an animal and sometimes he hurts himself.

If you have an injured cat, here is how you can get him to the veterinarian:

Carry your cat to the vet. Don’t put him down. Have another person hold the cat next to you and turn the cat’s head toward the car. Carry the cat, but don’t put him down.

How do you prevent a cat from spraying?

Cats are considered to be "sprayers" by many people. If you let him outside often, he will begin to spray.

If you have a cat that sprays, here are some tips to prevent spraying:

Do not use a spray to clean the cat's fur. Cats don’t like the smell of the spray and they will start to spray again.

Cats don’t like the smell of the spray and they will start to spray again. Do not try to punish the cat for spraying. If you do, he will stop.

If you do, he will stop. If you find the cat sitting near the door, the door is too open, and the cat smells something, close the door.

How do you stop a cat from biting?

A cat may bite if he is scared, angry, or protecting his territory.

If one of your cats bites, these tips may help:

Don’t poke the cat with your finger to stop the biting. Just cover the cat with a blanket.

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