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What can i do about my cats dandruff

I have a male cat who has dandruff and he is shedding like crazy. I've tried different shampoos and so far i think he likes the one from the pet store.

What are some good natural shampoo's for cats?

Natural shampoo's for cats are easy to make yourself. One of the easiest is using apple cider vinegar. It is very drying but leaves your cat smelling fresh. Another is using a mixture of water and shampoo..the shampoo you use on your hair..

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The Persian cat is a well-known name for anyone who is a cat lover, owner or breeder. The Persian is one of the beautiful cat breeds among cats and is known for its friendly nature. Be it the large eyes, the long silky fur or the playful nature, the Persian scores high in every category on the cuteness index. It is also very easy to maintain and does not require constant attention. This breed adjusts very easily with other animals and children in the house making it one of the cutest animals in the world. Read more

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