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What can you give a cat for a cold

“First you give him a nice warm bath. Then you give him some food. Then you wrap him up in a warm blanket. Then you pet him. Then you sing him a lullaby. Then you give him a good long rub down. Then you give him a nice big comfy bed.”

“How much do you charge for a wet cat?”

“Depends on the size of the water bowl.”

“How do you get a cat to go to the vet?”

“You take him by the ears and drag him.”

“How do you know if a cat is pregnant?”

“She stops purring.”

“How do you know when a cat is hungry?”

“When he picks his nose, he always makes a face.”

“How do you know when a cat has fleas?”

“He’s licking his balls.”

“How do you know when a cat is angry?”

“When he turns around three times.”

“How do you know when a cat is happy?”

“When he’s jumping up and down.”

“What did the cat say to the canary?”

“Fucking sing my song!”

“Tell me, do you want to keep that cat?”

“No, I don’t want to keep him. I’m allergic to cats.”

“Why didn’t the cat get the milk?”

“He was drinking root beer.

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The care and remedies you can give your cold-sick kitty are: Help them eat, as by itself it will eat little or not at all due to the lack of appetite caused by the viral process. As it is vital that the animal be nourished so that its immune system is strengthened we must help stimulate its appetite or give it the food ourselves. Read more

Panting has a different physiological basis in this scenario. When your cat is stressed, its heart starts beating faster, sometimes much faster. This means that the blood travels around the body more quickly too. As a result, each red blood cell has less time to pick up oxygen from the lungs, meaning it carries less oxygen to the rest of the body. Read more

The word "inorganic" is what is worrisome; bone is supposedly organic, so that is not what causes ash in cat food. It has to be minerals that are added to the food... Read more

Rowan Cocoan Another reason why I avoided such a term - I lately came to the conclusion that proles are at average as smart as the "intelligensia". At least judged by the amount seeing through the plandemic scare. And for a certain 0,1% class, we are all expendable commoners ... Read more

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