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What cat am i

i was so named because I was born on the day after my mother died, and my mother had always called me "catholic" in one way or another.

i am a very sociable cat.

i have had many different owners and even a few homes.

i am the most hyperactive cat on the planet.

i love being held, and being touched.

i love being brushed, though i do not like it when you pick my ear, or when you put your face into my private parts.

i also love to eat, especially my own cat food.

i hate being picked up, or held, or kissed.

i hate being groomed.

cats are very emotional creatures, and i myself am capable of crying.

i am very loyal to my owners, though i can not be trusted with things such as money, or jewelry.

i have often wondered what i would have been if i had not been born a cat.

i am very intelligent, and i wonder why so many people think that cats are dumb.

i am a very sensitive creature.

i am very gentle, and i am very loving.

i am a very light colored cat, though i have a patch of white on my chest, and i have a white belly patch.

i am a very vocal creature, and i often meow.

i am very clean, and i am very fastidious.

i am very independent, and i am very stubborn.

i am very sociable, and i am very playful.

i am a very loving creature, and i am very affectionate.

i am a very loyal cat.

i am a very loving cat.

i am very intelligent, and i am very loyal.

i am always ready to please.

i was once called the "pussy cat of the neighborhood."

i am very affectionate.

i am very playful.

i love to play with my toys.

i crave love and attention.

i love to be held, and touched, and loved.

i love to be played with, and i love to play with other kittens.

i love to sleep and i love to eat.

i love to be held, and loved, and cuddled.

i am a very affectionate cat.

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