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I have a 3 year old cat, she's very independent and is more interested in playing outside. I know she needs a companion - I have a 6 year old cat who needs a playmate. My current cat is a rescue from a shelter - I don't know much about them. She's a little shy so I'm looking for a cat that is a bit more outgoing and curious. I've seen videos of kittens playing in the grass and I'm wondering if that's normal. I've seen videos of kittens running around the house and I'm wondering if that's normal. I've also seen a video of a kitten rolling around in the bed.

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You need to shut it down. - Catan is NOT multiplayer solitaire, and much of the banter around the table involves dissecting other players' strategies and why they are a wolf in sheep's clothing and how you are barely hanging in there, not a threat to anyone... Read more

More commonly abbreviated to Cat D (now Cat N) these are the cars that have been written off by insurers with the least amount of damage. With appropriate repairs, they can be legally driven again and will often offer years more happy driving. What is Cat D damage typically associated with? Read more

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During some types of heart failure, the force-frequency relationship may become negative, so that myocardial contractility decreases as heart rate increases above a certain rate. Cardiac reserve is the ability of the heart to increase its performance above resting levels in response to emotional or physical stress; body oxygen consumption may increase from 250 to ≥ 1500 mL/minute during maximal exertion. Read more

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