All about cats

What age is considered an adult cat

An adult cat is one that has been weaned (is no longer nursing).

Why should my cat be vaccinated?

Vaccination of your cat helps protect him against many serious diseases.

Why is it important to keep my cat indoors?

Cats should never be allowed to roam outside, because this risks exposing them to many diseases, including rabies, which is fatal if not treated.

Is it true that cats can't get rabies?

Yes! In the United States and many other countries, rabies is almost always a fatal disease. Your cat can be vaccinated against rabies and the vaccine will protect her from the disease if she is ever exposed.

Why does my cat have fleas?

Fleas are a cat's natural parasite. In the summer, fleas can be a nuisance, but during the winter, fleas can be life-threatening.

How should I treat my cat for fleas?

Your cat can be treated for fleas with a product that is safe for cats and has no side effects. You should use this product to treat your cat every month, even if she has fleas, because fleas can still live on your cat and bite other animals.

How do I keep fleas off my cat?

Your cat should be kept indoors to prevent fleas.

How do I keep fleas off my cat in the winter?

Talk to your vet about what you can do to keep fleas off your cat in the winter, since fleas like to bite in the winter as well. Many flea treatments are available in the winter.

How can I help my cat keep fleas off?

It is important to keep your cat clean and groomed. This will keep your cat from being bitten by fleas and from being flea-infested.

How do I help my cat keep fleas off?

Why does my cat scratch?

Most cats have a natural instinct to scratch. This scratching is not harmful to the cat and helps to keep the cat's claws sharp.

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