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What cat treats can ferrets eat

Ferrets have a similar digestive system to humans and therefore can eat many of the same foods that humans can. However, some foods should not be fed to ferrets as these have a high risk of causing an upset stomach. These foods are:









Onions, garlic and bananas are toxic; they should be avoided. Celery, beets, peppers and sage are all high in oxalates, which can cause an upset stomach in ferrets.

Ferrets are omnivores and therefore can eat a variety of foodstuffs. One of the most popular foods for ferrets is dried liver. If a ferret is prone to an upset stomach, it is best to avoid feeding it a diet of dried liver.

Certain cat foods are high in phosphorous, which can also cause a ferret to become ill. The ferret should be fed a diet that is low in phosphorous.

Ferrets can have access to raw meat, but this should be fed in very small amounts only as this can cause an upset stomach in ferrets.

What cat treats can ferrets chew on?

Ferrets have a specially-designed jaw that allows them to chew on various items. However, for safety reasons, it is best if ferrets are only allowed to chew on items that are not sharp. The following items should not be given to a ferret:

Ferrets have very sharp teeth and can injure themselves when chewing on sharp items.

Ferrets are intelligent and will learn how to open containers and eat food that other ferrets cannot access. This can lead to dangerous situations.

If a ferret is given a toy that is not appropriate, it will chew on this toy, which can lead to an upset stomach and potentially death.

A ferret's favourite pastime is chewing on wood. This is a great way for a ferret to relax, but it does not offer any nutritional value and can cause an upset stomach if it is chewed on for too long.

Can ferrets have water with minerals?

Ferrets are carnivores and therefore need water that is rich in minerals. Your local pet shop will be able to advise you on the best type of water that is suitable for your ferret.

If your ferret is not drinking enough water, it is important that you try to increase its water intake. This can be done by offering water in a bottle or by adding water to its food.

What things can I use to clean my ferret's litter tray?

Ferrets do not do well with strong chemical cleaners as these can cause them to become ill. The best type of cleaning products that should be used is an enzymatic cleaner.

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