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Can cats understand what humans say

Cats don’t understand what humans say, but they do understand what humans say. Cats understand human speech in the same way that dogs understand it. Like dogs, cats are able to learn new words, especially when they are fed to them.

Does a cat hear better than a dog?

In many ways, yes. A dog’s hearing is often better than a cat’s. Dogs can hear sounds up to twice as far away as cats.

Does a cat see better than a dog?

Cats may have better vision than dogs, but both have very good vision.

How do cats see?

Cats have rod-shaped eyes that are able to see in low light and darkness. Cats also have a reflective layer of tissue over the back of their eyes that allows them to see even in bright light.

Cats can see well in dim light, but they have a greater depth of vision than dogs. Cat eyes are also a bit more sensitive to the sky than dog eyes.

Cat eyes are sensitive to bright light, but they are less sensitive to light than human eyes.

Cats see in a similar way to dogs, but their vision is more sensitive to dim light and less sensitive to bright light.

How do dogs see?

Dogs have a form of color blindness called red-green color blindness.

Cats have a form of red-green color blindness called blue-yellow color blindness.

Dogs see in a similar way to humans, but their eyes are more sensitive to bright light than humans.

What do cats see?

Cats see in a similar way to humans, but their eyes are more sensitive to bright light than humans.

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