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Do cats know what color they are

"Cats are not color blind, but they do have poor color vision. However it is still possible for a cat to be born with pink eyes, and it is possible for cats to be born with blue, green or amber eyes. This can be an inherited condition, or it can be caused by a mutation in an eye-colored-specific gene."

Does a cat's mood change after it has kittens?

"A cat's mood doesn't change after it has kittens. A cat's mood is controlled by its hormones. If a cat has kittens and then is spayed or neutered, the hormones that affect a cat's mood are no longer a factor. It is possible, however, for a cat to have a negative reaction to her kittens and refuse to bond with them. For this reason, it is best to have a veterinarian perform the procedure after the kitten is weaned."

What is my cat thinking when it sits by the window?

"Cats are social animals that like to be in the company of other cats, people and other animals. If your cat sits by the window, it is not longing to be outdoors, but rather is trying to keep an eye on what is going on outside. If, for example, a neighborhood dog is walking by, it wants to make sure no one tries to harm the dog. Another possibility is that it is looking for stray cats or other animals that are not normally seen or heard. In all cases, the cat is trying to gain 'ownership' of the territory, or ensure that it is safe from other animals and people.

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