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How do cats know what time it is

Cats don't have a clock or watch, they need to use their body's internal clocks to tell the time.

According to a study at the University of Copenhagen, cats have an internal clock that allows them to know roughly what time of day it is. Researchers found that cats have an internal clock that is around 24 hours, just like humans.

They observed that when they exposed cats to light, they would wake up and go to sleep when the light was at its brightest. They also found that cats have a tendency to lie in one spot for a long time, so they would assume that the time was around the time they were lying down.

Is there a scientific explanation for cats' purring?

Yes. Cats purr for many different reasons. They purr for social reasons, for comfort and to show affection to their owners.

A study has shown that cats purr to help them cope with stress and anxiety. They purr when they are happy or when they are feeling close to their owner.

How do cats communicate with humans?

Cats communicate with humans using their body language and facial expressions. When they look at us, it means that they want something. When they look away, it means that they don't want something, and when they look at us, it means that they are happy.

Cats also communicate their feelings by their tail, which can be wagging when they are happy or they can be erect when they are angry.

Do cats have a sense of smell?

Yes, cats do have a great sense of smell. Cats can smell prey from up to 25 meters away.

Cats also use their sense of smell to find their way home when they are lost.

How do cats tell the difference between people and other animals?

Cats have a good way of telling the difference between people and other animals.

Cats have high-resolution vision so they are able to see the differences between people, animals and objects. Cats use their nose to determine if they are approaching a person or an animal.

Cats have a good sense of smell as well, so they can determine the differences between people and animals.

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