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How do you know what type of cat you have


The reality is, of course, that the only way to know what type of cat you’ve got is by getting to know your cat.

“If you want to know what type of cat you’ve got, you’ve got to get to know that cat,” she said. “It is not a question of what breed you have, but how you live with your cat.”

The bottom line is, you can get a cat that is completely different from the cat you adopted or bought as a kitten.

“It is not only that there are many cats that are completely different, but even within the same breed there are different personalities,” Dr. Buxbaum said.

One of the most important aspects is having a long-term relationship with your cat.

“The whole goal of cat behavior training is to cultivate a relationship with your cat and to do things you like to do with your cat,” Dr. Buxbaum said. “If you love your cat and you love to do things with your cat, then the cat will love you and respond to you.”

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