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How to find out what kind of cat i have

Cat breeders have several different ways of determining what kind of cat a kitten will be.

A cat's breed can be determined by looking at its markings.

Some breeds have very distinct facial markings--such as the Sphynx (a breed of cat with a smooth and hairless skin)--that can be identified by breeders.

Other breeds, such as the Persian, have a full body pattern of markings that go all the way down the animal.

Facial markings can also help to identify cats.

Some breeds have distinct facial markings such as the Sphynx (a breed of cat with a smooth and hairless skin) that can be identified by breeders.

Breeders also use DNA testing to determine which cat a kitten will be.

While this is a very accurate way to determine which cat a kitten will be, it is not possible to test every cat and only tests one gene.

So if your cat's face is not exactly the same as the Sphynx, it is possible that your cat is a long-haired cat that is not a Sphynx.

Another way to identify a cat's breed is by looking at its coat.

Some breeds are naturally solid colored, but others have white, tabby, or tortoiseshell patterns.

Cats that have these patterns are called "British shorthair" or "British longhair".

How to identify what kind of cat i have?

A good way to understand the different breeds is to watch the International Cat Association (I.C.A.) videos.

If you want more information on the many different breeds and types of cats, visit the following websites.

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