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How to know what your cat wants

The easiest way is to ask your cat.

If for some reason he doesn’t want to answer, you can try to establish some habits. Here are a few:

Give him water or food at a regular time and place. If it’s a bowl, fill it up once a day, or every other day, or after a meal.

Turn on the lights at night.

If you want to go out, block the door with a book or a basket.

If you want to stay home, put the litter box in the living room. That way, you can block the door with a book or a basket, and your cat won’t be scared.

Feed him at an hour that does not coincide with your own.

Try to make your cat feel safe.

Remember that cats are not dogs. They do not like to be touched and will show their dislike with a bad attitude.

How to train my cat?

Training your cat will help you get rid of bad habits.

When you train a cat, you have to be very patient. Your cat will not obey you the first time. Remember, he is a wild creature.

Cats have a very good memory. They will only obey the first time you ask.

If your cat does not want to do something, he will not do it. You can try again later, but you have to be patient, because cats do not like to be forced.

How to train my cat to not bite?

If your cat bites, you can help him.

First of all, you should not punish him, because it will teach him that it is not good to bite.

You can test your cat’s bite with your own hand.

If he bites you, he will be afraid of you. That is a very good thing.

If he does not bite you, you can put your hand near him.

If he bites, he will be afraid of you. That’s a good thing.

First, your cat will try to bite you. Then, he will be afraid of you.

How to train my cat to not jump on me?

If your cat jumps on you, you can help him.

First of all, you should not punish him.

First, your cat will try to jump on you. Then, he will be afraid of you.

How to train my dog to not bark?

Some people think that dogs bark when they are afraid. That’s not true.

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