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What age can cats get fixed

Cats that are 4 months and older can be neutered. Fixed cats will not have any unwanted kittens.

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How much does a cat neutering cost?

Neutering procedures are covered by most health insurance plans, and most veterinarians will provide a discount for low-income families.

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What is the difference between male and female cats?

Male cats are referred to as males because they have a penis. Males can be used to make kittens.

Female cats are referred to as females because they do not have a penis. Females can make kittens, but they cannot give birth to an offspring that has her own sex. Females are also referred to as bitches.

Male cats are able to produce offspring of both sexes. Females can make offspring only of their own species.

How much should my cat weigh for a safe neutering?

Weight is not a factor for neutering. Your cat's weight does not affect the procedure.

Your cat's weight can affect the amount of anesthesia used to sedate him for the procedure.

How much does neutering cost?

The cost of a neutering procedure can vary from place to place, and may be covered by most health insurance plans.

How do I keep my cat from spraying?

Cats that are spayed/neutered are not likely to spray. Spaying and neutering will prevent mating and prevent females from getting pregnant.

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Can my male cat get pregnant?

No. A female cat can't get pregnant, and a male cat can't get pregnant. All females and males are incapable of producing offspring which is the same for both male and female cats.

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Does my male cat need a home?

No. Male cats that are neutered are just as likely to find a home as are female cats.

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Will my male cat be aggressive after surgery?

No. Most cats do not show signs of aggression after they are neutered.

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Will my cat be sick after surgery?

Most cats do not experience any problems with neutering. The anesthesia used is safe, and there are no negative side effects.

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What if my cat is injured during the procedure?

If your cat is injured during the procedure, please contact your veterinarian immediately.

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