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What age can u get a cat fixed

Idk how to answer this question, but here's what I can tell you:

1. If the cat is not fixed, the female cat is going to fight with the other cats for the best territory.

2. If the cat is not fixed, the cat is going to be aggressive with the owner/other cats.

3. If the cat is not fixed, the cat might bite the owner/other cats.

4. If the cat is not fixed, the cat might chew on your furniture.

5. If the cat is not fixed, the cat might pee on your floor.

6. If the cat is not fixed, the cat might get fleas.

7. If the cat is not fixed, the cat might get other diseases like ringworm, parvo, etc.

Can you get a cat fixed?

If your cat is sick, I would suggest taking it to a vet.

Can u get a cat fixed?

No. Unless it is a stray, he/she will have to be fixed.

How old do u have to be to get a cat fixed?

The ASPCA recommends that all cats be spayed or neutered by 6 months of age.

How many cats can you have in a household?

A maximum of 7.

I have 2 cats. Can I get a third cat fixed?

Yes, as long as it is not a male.

Why is the cat not getting along with the other cats?

The cat is too old. Or has any diseases. Or is not fixed. Or is a stray.

Can I get a cat fixed?


Can u get a dog fixed?




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