All about cats

What age does a cat live to

The average life span of a domestic cat is between 12 and 16 years.

How many cats are there in the world?

Unofficial estimates vary from 500 million to over 1 billion domestic cats. However, the most recent estimates from the U.S. Census, which is the most reliable estimate available, puts the number at around 75 million.

What's the difference between the domestic and wild cat?

Domestic cats are descended from African wild cats. Domestic cats, unlike their wild cousins, are domesticated, so are not known to attack humans.

How many kittens are born in a litter?

A litter of kittens usually contains three to six kittens, although this can vary from one litter to another.

What do kittens eat?

Kittens are born with teeth, and they can start feeding on solid food at four weeks. At this point, kittens are breast-fed by the mother. After one to three weeks, kittens are switched to a commercial kitten formula. This is simply a mixture of ground-up meat, cereals and vitamins.

What do kittens look like?

Kittens are born looking like miniature adults. They have the same coloration as their mother, and they have the same markings as their father.

What do adult cats look like?

Adult domestic cats have slightly darker fur than their wild relatives, but are otherwise similar in color to their wild cousins.

What does a cat's fur look like?

Depending on the age of the cat, the coat may be a combination of several different types of fur. Some cats have a short, soft undercoat, and a longer, softer top coat. Other cats have a thick, wiry undercoat, with a longer, softer top coat.

What do cats bark at?

Cats often bark to communicate with other cats. They are very vocal cats so it's not unusual for them to emit a distinctive "meow" or "mrow" sound to communicate with other cats.

Why do cats purr?

Cats purr in order to keep their bodies cool. By vibrating their vocal sacs, they create a suction that draws in air and blows it over their fur.

Why do cats groom themselves?

Cats groom themselves because they have scent glands on their bodies, and they use their tongues to spread the scent around.

Why do cats claw?

Cats use their claws to defend themselves. Their forepaws are covered in a tough, protective fur called a "kemmer," which they use to protect their hind legs from injury.

Why do cats hiss?

Cats hiss when they are either in pain, or when they are about to fight. In some cases, it actually means "hello.

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