All about cats

What age is a cat full size

A cat is full size, or adult, when it reaches a maximum weight of 3-4 kg.

What is the average lifespan of a cat?

The average lifespan of a cat is 10-15 years.

Why does a cat have four legs?

Cats have four legs for a number of reasons. Firstly, it helps the cat balance itself. Secondly, the cat moves faster and more efficiently with four legs. Thirdly, the cat is more stable and less likely to topple over with four legs. Lastly, the cat can jump better with four legs.

Why do cats purr?

Cats purr to vibrate the air around their body, which helps them feel warmer. Purring also helps cats release excess heat. Cats also purr because it helps them relax and sleep.

Why don't cats like water?

Cats do not like water because of their inability to swim.

How do kittens learn to walk?

Kittens do not walk until they are about one month old. At this stage, they are able to balance themselves, but still cannot walk. The kitten finds its feet and walks around, but falls over when its back legs fail to support its body weight.

Why does my cat scratch my furniture?

Cats are very good at clawing things. They are very used to doing it and so it is instinctive for them.

Why do cats go "meow" when they are happy?

Cats go meow when they are happy.

Why do cats drink milk?

Cats drink milk for the same reason that we drink milk. It is a source of protein for the cat.

Why do cats shed their hair?

Cats are mammals and have fur. They shed their hair because it grows out so that they are able to keep warm.

Why do humans eat cats?

Cats are not kept as pets in many countries because they are too fussy. Most countries do not eat cats.

Why do cats like water?

Cats like water because of the heat that it provides.

Can cats see in the dark?

Yes, cats can see in the dark, though not as well as dogs.

Why do cats love water?

Cats love water because of the heat that it provides.

Why do cats fight?

Cats fight because they are territorial.

Why do cats love to be stroked?

Cats love to be stroked because it feels good to them.

Why do cats like to eat fish?

Cats like to eat fish because the bones are suitable for them to play with.

Cats like to eat fish because they are a source of protein.

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