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What age should cats get fixed

There are no set rules on how long a cat should wait between being fixed, however it is generally accepted that all cats should be fixed at the same age. The earlier that a cat is fixed the better. This means that it will be less likely to have any unplanned pregnancies. Also having more than one litter of kittens at the same time is more likely to lead to the kittens being born blind or deaf.

How old might a cat be before it is fixed?

A cat is usually fixed between the ages of four and eight months. This is the age that the cat is fully grown and is ready to start breeding. When a cat is fixed it is sent to the vet for an anaesthetic. An anaesthetic is a substance that causes the cat to stop feeling pain and is used to help the vet perform the operation. This is the same for any other animal that is being operated on.

What happens during the operation?

The vet will usually use a scalpel to remove the testicles. The vet will often sedate the cat so that it does not feel any pain during the operation. The vet will then put a small bandage over the testicle to stop it being damaged when it is removed.

How much does it cost?

This depends on the clinic where you have your cat fixed. The surgery itself is free, but there may be a charge for anaesthetic. Some vets may also charge for the vet to come and collect the cat, however some vets will agree to do the operation at the vets. If the cat is fixed at home then you will need to pay for the anaesthetic.

How many cats can be fixed at once?

If the vet is doing the operation at the vets then no more than two cats can be fixed at once as this can cause a problem. This is because there is not enough room for all the cats to be fixed at once.

Does it hurt the cats?

There is a chance that a cat will react to being fixed. It is normal for a cat to be very shocked, but if the cat does not react then the cat may have been treated before or does not care. It is also possible for the cat to react to the anaesthetic, if this is the case then the cat has probably been treated before.

Will the cat be able to breed again?

If the cat has not had any problems then the cat will be able to breed again. If the cat has had problems, then the cat will not be able to breed again. Male cats can still be used for breeding, however they will not be able to produce kittens as they are missing the testicles.


Cats should be fixed as soon as they can safely be done. This means that all cats should be fixed at the same age.

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