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What age should you get a cat fixed

The answer to this question is as individual as you are. I’m going to give you my personal opinion on the matter, but I’ll also tell you that I’m not a veterinarian, so everything I say should be taken with a grain of salt.

For me, this is a very personal question. I’m not brand new to the world of cats and kittens. I’ve owned cats my whole life and I’ve had cats fixed for a long, long time.

I’ll assume that you’re not a cat person, but you want to get a cat. I’ll also assume that you’re not a dog person, but you want a dog.

If you’re a cat person, my answer to the question is that you should get a kitten fixed. There are a few reasons to do so.

For one, the kitten will grow into a cat that you’re happy with. It’ll become your companion, your friend and your family.

By getting the kitten fixed, you also save yourself a lot of money. It’ll cost you nothing to get a kitten fixed and then it won’t cost you anything to get a cat fixed.

The kitten will be fixed, your life will be better, and you’ll have a cat that you can love and who will love you back.

If you’re a dog person, then I’d say the same thing. Get the kitten fixed.

You’ll have a companion, a friend and a family member that you can love and who will love you back. The kitten will grow into a cat that you’ll be happy with, in my opinion.

I’d also say that it’s a good idea to get a dog fixed if you fall in love with a dog. Not only will it cost you nothing, but it’ll also be one less thing for you to worry about.

If you want a cat, get a kitten. If you want a dog, get a puppy. Both will be one less thing for you to worry about.

If you’re really unsure about the matter, just get a kitten. You can always change your mind later or you can always get another kind of pet.

I’ve been really happy with all of my cats, though.


There are a lot of reasons to get cats fixed and there are a lot of reasons to get dogs fixed.

If you want a cat and you have the money to afford it, get a kitten.

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