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Why are they so fascinated with the outside world? The answer lies in the brain. In this case specifically, it is the visual cortex. The most general term for the visual cortex is area V1, which is also called the primary visual cortex. It is made up of cells called ganglion cells that are connected to each other with dendrites. The shape of the dendrites is such that they can funnel the electrical impulses of the ganglion cell to the next cell in the optical pathway. The result is a very rapid and precise signal that can be seen as a picture.

The first thing that comes into the visual cortex is a picture. This is the only part of the cortex that can see color. After that, there are two types of cells. Some of these cells respond to the edges of objects. The other cells respond to bars and lines. In visual cortex, the cells that respond to bars and lines are called the edge detectors. The cells that respond to edges are called the bars and lines detectors. The first image through the visual cortex is the edge detector which converts the picture into a series of electrical impulses.

When we look over the side of a table, the image is seen as a series of bars and lines. The edge detector quickly converts the entire picture into a series of electrical impulses. This is what the cat sees. The ganglion cells are wired together. They are connected to each other in such a way that they can form a single picture. The electrical signal from the ganglion cells goes to the next cell in the optical pathway. This is a bar and line detector. The signal from that cell is sent to the next cell in the pathway. This is a line detector. This signal is sent to the next cell and so on until the signal reaches the back of the brain and the cat sees a picture of the world around him.

The ganglion cells and the cells in the visual pathways do not work alone. The signals from the cells are also affected by the signals from other areas of the brain. As a result, the picture the cat sees is not always accurate. For example, the lines may be closer together on the right side of the picture than they are on the left. This is because the signals from the edge detector are not completely accurate. The fact that the the picture is not completely accurate is what makes the cat's eye so fascinating.

The cat's eye is not the only part of the brain that is fascinating. The brain is fascinating because of the way it is organized. There are several interesting things about the brain and the way it is organized. The first thing that is interesting is that it is very flexible. It is able to change. This makes the brain very versatile. It is able to use any information that is thrown at it. This is very important in a survival situation.

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