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Why do cats lick their butts? How much do cats like to be scratched? And, what is the purpose of that whole cat butt-licking thing? Can you actually lick your butt?

There are two types of cat butt licking:

1) When cats are relaxed, they will often lick their hindquarters to relieve themselves of excess energy

2) A more common reason for cat butt licking is when a cat feels the need to “mark” a location to communicate with other cats

Cat Butts: Why Do Cats Lick Their Butts?

Why do cats lick their butts?

Cats are typically very clean animals, so it's not all that odd that their butts are generally kept clean. However, there are several factors that could have an effect on why cats lick their butts, including their natural behavior and the environment where they live.

The cat. Cats have a strong desire to keep themselves clean, which is especially important for them to keep the smell of their own private parts to themselves. That's why some cat owners find it strange when their cat licks its butt – it's a natural behavior for them, and not one to be discouraged. It's also important to remember that cats like for their owners to be clean, too.

The environment. Cats are a very adaptable species. They are able to make their living in a wide variety of habitats, which means they may need to adapt the way they move and breathe to suit the climate where they live. When they're moving around, they may need to breathe in a very different way than they would need to when they're relaxing in a quiet home environment. When they're in a home environment, they may need to move around in a very different way than they would need to if they were just in their living room.

The weather. Some cats will lick their butts when they're feeling very cold, while others will do it when they're feeling hot. Cats can also be very sensitive to certain types of weather, and may need to adjust the way they move and breathe to suit the conditions.

No matter the reason that cats lick their butts, it's important to keep in mind that this is a natural behavior which shouldn't be discouraged in any way.

Cats are social animals, and they typically prefer to be around other cats. Because of this, cats do everything they can to make themselves more approachable to other cats. Cats will lick their butts to make themselves more appealing to other cats, and to show off their cleanliness to other cats.

Cats also like to mark their territory, and they usually do this by leaving scent markings.

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