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What are the 7 big cats

7 big cats can be reduced to the following:

1. Cheetah

2. Tiger

3. Lion

4. Jaguar

5. Leopard

6. Leopards

7. Wildcat

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What are the 5 big snakes?

5 big snakes can be reduced to the following:

1. King Cobra

2. Reticulated Python

3. Black Mamba

4. Boa

5. Anaconda

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What are the 4 big fish?

4 big fish can be reduced to the following:

1. Tuna

2. Salmon

3. Sturgeon


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Cats also think about how to get food, and they develop some pretty impressive skills to do it. Scientists conducted an experiment where they attached food to the end of a string. Cats pulled on the string, and found the food. Read more

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