All about cats

What are the best cats to have

The best cats have short fur, don't shed, love to play, and are just as happy to sit on your lap as they are to chase your mouse.

What's the best way to keep cats healthy?

Cats are pretty healthy, but they can be susceptible to many other health problems. Make sure you get preventative health care for your cat.

Do cats need to be neutered?

Yes. Female cats can go into heat twice a year. They become fertile after being spayed. Male cats can go into heat once a year.

How can I keep cats from spraying?

One way to keep cats from spraying is to make sure they're out of the house when you're not home. Many cats are also very vocal when they need to go out. If you can hear them, they're probably going to do it.

How can I keep my cat from biting?

You should never try to force your cat to like you. Your cat will learn that if he or she attacks you, you'll be gone, and he or she will win. Instead, you should use a training method to teach your cat that you're the boss.

How do I keep cats from clawing?

You can prevent your cat from clawing by putting on a pair of gloves while you're bathing or grooming. You should also trim your cat's nails.

Where can I find a veterinarian?

You can find a veterinarian at any of the following vets:

Tulsa County Animal Services

1320 S. Harvey Ave., Suite D

Tulsa OK 74120

(918) 596-6185

Tulsa County Health Department

122 N. Boston Ave.

Tulsa OK 74103

(918) 596-5500

Washita County Animal Shelter

1101 North Main St.

Washita OK 74074

(405) 687-3160

Where can I find a vet that will do house calls?

If you live in an apartment or condo, talk to the landlord about whether there are restrictions on pets. If there aren't any, you can find a veterinarian at any of the following vets:

Oklahoma City Animal Hospital

4201 N. May Avenue

Oklahoma City OK 73107

(405) 622-7726

Shawnee County Animal Control

1201 NW 51st Street

Topeka KS 66604

(785) 272-7722

In order to find a vet that will do house calls, ask the vet where you can find a good veterinarian. You can also see if any of the vets listed above will do house calls.

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