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What can cats sense in humans

Cats sense people's moods, personalities, and responses to them. They can sense when they're being ignored or when they're being petted.

Cats are particularly sensitive to your tone of voice. If you speak to your cat in a soft, soothing tone, he'll begin to purr.

What is the purpose of cats' whiskers?

Cats use their whiskers to help them feel their way around while they're asleep. They also use them to communicate with other cats and to touch objects.

Cats' whiskers are very sensitive to light. When they're in an area of dim light, they're more likely to stop and investigate something.

How are cats' long whiskers made?

Cats' whiskers are made of stiff hairs that have a small hollow tube running from their base to the tip.

What are cats' short whiskers used for?

Cats' short whiskers are used to feel their way around while they're sleeping.

How can you tell if a cat's ears are up or down?

Cats' ears are up when they're alert, and they're down when they're relaxed.

What causes cats to have "ears up"?

Cats use their ears to pick up sounds and to detect movement.

When cats are alert and attentive, they keep their ears up. A cat's ears are up when he's ready to pounce on something.

What causes cats to have "ears down"?

Cats' ears are always down when they're relaxed and in a passive state.

How do cats determine where to go?

Cats use their whiskers to feel their way around while they sleep.

How can you tell if cats are happy or upset?

Cats' tails wag when they're happy, and they'll tremble when they're upset or scared.

What makes cats purr?

Cats' purring can be heard from up to 10 feet away.

What does a cat's purr mean?

A cat's purr means that he's content and enjoying himself.

What does a cat's sudden loud cry mean?

Cats' loud cries mean that they're in pain.

What does a cat's hissing sound mean?

A cat hisses to warn another cat or to show that it's angry.

Cats' hisses are a warning. They'll hiss when they're angry with another cat.

What does a cat's meow sound like?

Cats' meows sound like the human word "meow."

What does a cat's "meow" sound like?

Cats' "meows" sound like the human word "meow.

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